buffetWarren Buffett is the famous for his insights on investment which are humorous. His wise advice made him the best money expert. Warren’s quotes are entertaining. Warren is known well for his commitment for valuing investment. Everyone listens to the advice that Buffet expresses. Buffett is the great in the world who do not shy on his strategies which have helped him acquire money to make the company grow. The following are Buffett’s best pieces of advice on investing;

Cash is an investment which is the worst to make over time.

Many people keep money around them to feel comfortable and it is not because they like money as an investment. Cash becomes an investment which is bad over time. People want to have more cash so that they can make it difficult for people to determine their essential future.

Investing in a broad-based index found track.

When you are a confident professional, advocacy in concentration is the key advice. You need to do total diversification if it is not your game. Make sure that you are buying at the right price or at the right time. Always consider buying at a dollar cost that is slow. Try to be smart in spending most of your time in spending.

Never lose money.

This is Buffett’s piece of advice which is the first one in 2016.He advises investors that if they have been working on a loss, it is hard to go back to where you were despite earning gains. This is a rule for investing.

Form healthy money habits.

In many cases habits are habitual. Habit chains are light to be felt until they become heavy for them to be broken out. Habits can be changed as earlier as the investor notices them. An investor needs to cultivate and stick to positive habits only.

Avoid debit of credit cards.

Buffett acquired his wealthy though the use of interest to work for and not working that can enable pay interests as many investors do. Buffett advices investors to avoid credit cards debit since their interest rates are very high.

Learn more about money.

As an investor, you need to learn more on money management. Buffett’s work was exposure limited and risk minimization. This is the only piece of advice on personal finance.Acqure more knowledge on money i.e. that one of compound interest. Many people think that the end of learning is when school is over. Learning is a process which is continuous and should be done through; attending conferences and doing research.

Surround yourself with excellence and staying healthy.

Buffett said that it is the best thing to hang up with people who are better than you are. Your associates need to be of better behaviors that your behaviors for drifting your direction. A certain research says that a person is average of any five people he/she spends most of his time with. If you find out that someone is having a negative influence on you, kick him/her out. In addition, your body, mind and spirit should be healthy. Doing exercises, eating and sleeping well and being prayerful to replenish your spirit, are ways of being healthy.

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